Hotel-Like Returns from Single-Family Homes.

Earn a projected 8-10% Annual Cash Flow & 20%+ IRR with our Private Vacation Rental Single-Family Real Estate Investment Fund.

Created & Backed by Top Technology Entrepreneurs & Real Estate investors from across the U.S.

Mansion homes are operated to exacting standards by our World-Class team under what we call the “Mansion Touch”
Nights hosted & growing.
Rated 4.91
From 1,508+ reviews.
High-level designs
Mansion guests feel at home when they stay.
Convenient Tech
Stays are seemlessly managed.

No Defined Brand Leading The Space

Brands like Marriott and Hilton professionalized hotels at scale and built a generational business with loyal customers. Mansion aims to do the same for group stays with large-format single-family home STRs.

What’s needed

Mansion has built a better solution that combines large-format, single-
family home units with the consistent experience and brand benefits
consumers desire.
(Marriott, Hilton)
(Individual Hosts)
(Sonder, Vacasa)
(Life House, Hoxton)
Single-Family Homes
Consistent Experience
High Customer LTV
Captive/Owned Assets

Capitalization Structure

Mansion is raising $33M total with 9% of that raise dedicated to Mansions Operating Company at a $15M valuation.

Mansion has a proven track record of success driving outsized returns from Real Estate assets operated under the Mansion brand and through it's platform, now, we aim to align the synergies for our Real Estate investors with the success and growth of our brand & platform.
Total Capital Raise
Total Amount
Percent of Total
RE Fund
91% of your investment goes into a fund that will acquire and own SFH assets managed by Mansion
Total Amount
Percent of Total
Mngmt OpCo
9% of your investment goes towards the management OpCo at a $15M valuation.
Total Amount
Percent of Total

Real Estate Investment Fund

The Mansion Collection Fund IV LLC will be the vehicle focused on acquiring high-performance, luxury, short-term rental properties for group travel. The fund will exclusively utilize Mansion Group (OpCo).

Transparent Fee Structure

Preferred Return
Class A Split after Pref
100% to LP/ 0% to GP
Class B Split after Pref
80% to LP / 20% to GP
Class C Split after Pref
70% to LP/ 30% to GP
Property Management Fee to Mansion Group (OpCo)
17.5% of EGI (short-term rental active management)
Acquisition Fee
Capital Transaction Fee

Sources of Capital

Investor Equity
Founder Investment
Total Funds

Funds Uses

Purchases & Closing Costs
Property Upfit & Furnishings
Acquisition Fees
Cash Reserves
Total Funds

OpCo Terms

Mansion is raising $3MM to fund the operating company through its growth phase in 2024, including investment in its platform & software technologies as well as scaling of its retail investment product. Mansion Group Inc. is expected to be cash-flow positive by Q3-24.

Mansion Group OpCo - Use of Funds

Marketing & OpEx
To scale retail investment platform marketing/opEx
Team Expansion
For G&A/Team to scale operations and # of homes under management
Cash Reserves
for strategic reserves (runway extension)

Next Steps for your Investment

Mansion is establishing "Mansion Collection Fund IV" as a Wyoming LLC. We are seeking commitments from interested parties now including investment amount for funds and any interest in the operating company where space is more limited.
Target Closing Date


Close to pay dividend in Mar.
Capable of depreciation expense in year @60% Bonus
Properties under contract
Minimum Investment


Close to pay dividend in Mar.
Capable of depreciation expense in year @60% Bonus
Properties under contract
Expected Timeline of Events
Complete commitment forms by Feb 2nd
Subscription & Offering Docs distributed
Final documents signed by Feb 9th
Wire/Banking Documents shared
Funding Completed by Feb 15th
Assets transferred by Feb 16th
Fund closed by Feb 22nd
Expected First Dividend
Expected First Dividend Based on purchasing existing Mansion assets into this fund, we expect to pay the first dividend in Month 1.


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