Our Mission & Vision

Hospitality meets single-family homes creating a fast-growing product called "Short-Term Rentals".

Our Mission

At Mansion Invest our mission is rooted in empowering futures and building legacies for our investors. We work tirelessly to redefine real estate investing & bring World-class investments to our LPs that are based in providing experiences that create happiness in/for the end-user.

Mansion Invest prioritizes creating life-long relationships with our investors and taking a personalized approach to each individual or firm. We hold ourselves accountable to building trust over time and ensuring we act to make the best decisions possible with the combined knowledge of all of our investors objectives. We believe meeting the family, creating personal connections, and even competing in some friendly sports with our investors isn't about sales, but is about making it personal. Through that knowledge, we can build better products and experiences.

Mansion Invest seeks partners who feel the same about life. A journey where we want both financial success and relationships that create joy. Mansion products share this aspiration as do our team members.

We share our personal phone numbers with our investors and our founder meets each investor before allowing investment in the funds.

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